Starting June 05 of 2021 we will go back to our regular schedule of weekend masses: Saturday 5 pm Vigil English, Sunday 9 am and 11 am English masses, 1:30 pm Spanish Mass.  Masks highly recommended during the mass, not mandatory though. Thank you! 
Empezando el 05 de junio de 2021 nuestras misas vuelven a horario regular: sábado 5 pm Inglés. Domingos 9 am y 11 am en inglés y 1:30 pm en español. No necesita registrarte, solo venir, uso de cubrebocas recomendado, sanitizar sus manos, y mantener sana distancia lo mejor posible. Gracias!

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Monday to Thursday at

12 noon in the rectory chapel by the west side of the block.

Fridays at 9 am in the church. 

We highly recommend use of masks inside the church. Not mandatory anymore. 

Help our parish by making your Sunday contribution online or send your check to our office address 
2119 S 400 E, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 
This will help us to continue paying the bills. God bless!!!

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